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The "residents" of the temporary city that is established in the Negev every year have already seen many installations that Erez set up with the help of teams of professionals and volunteers. "Magi the firefighter" that moved through the streets of the city in 2018 and carried aloft an inspiring dance floor, was only a first milestone. It was followed by a huge Buddha statue that was placed in the heart of the desert and made people sit and immerse themselves in meditation, the Bambola installation that integrated children with disabilities in an exciting project of creative and complex engineering construction and more. The Oaks Project in collaboration with KKL-Junk encouraged thousands of participants to sprout and grow oak trees. As part of a circular economy project in collaboration with the Aerospace Industry, creative spaces are established for youth, based on waste materials from the aerospace industry factories... and recently a Boeing plane also joined in... which was transferred from a yard The Aerospace Industry to Kfar Eshel Hanasi and will be used to establish installations and creative centers for "makers".

Erez is at the center of the melting pot of recycling and education for sustainability, nurturing young people with ADHD and education for creativity and innovation. Among other things, Erez promotes the "Amelania" - a center for makers in cooperation with Einat Jordan School - Kibbutz Amir.

Alongside serial social entrepreneurship, Erez holds artistic entertainment events in the style of the temporary city, for commercial companies and organizations. With the help of a professional team in the fields of HR management and employee selection, he produces recruitment events for companies and organizations. These are events of experiences and creativity, music and dancing, costumes and decoration. All selection and recruitment activities are carried out as part of the happening. These events attract an extraordinary amount of applicants and create a desire to join the work of the organization.

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